Gordon knew exactly what to do when Matt Kenseth took Joey Logano into the speedway walls of Martinsville. Jeff Gordon is soon going to retire. Still, he put himself in a position to acquire the fifth Sprint Cup Championship. On Sunday, it was the opening race of eliminator round. Gordon’s victory is the first for this season, and all credit goes to his wonderful car on his best track. On Sunday, the situation was much like Martinsville’s hot dog. On one side, where people took it as a tasty and iconic moment, others treated it like a stomach churning and disgusting stuff.
There are going to be questions about NASCAR’s credibility as they determine whether or not to sanction Kenseth. Still Gordon’s victory is going to be very beneficial for NASCAR. A star who has not won any championship since 2001 is not going to get a shot at the homestead. Gordon is all aware about the retaliation. He was punished with $1,00,000 fine on dumping Clint Bowyer at Phoenix retaliation in the year 2012. Logano’s hopes for winning the tile was not only ruined, but destroyed by Kenseth. Last week Kenseth came short in Talladega. Logano’s Brad Keselowski had put Kenseth down by 10 laps.
Kenseth returned the favour very well to Logano this Sunday. Now, that Gordon is already acquiring one position out of the four championship spot there are three others left. By winning one of the two races at Phoenix and Texas, other chase drivers can earn bids for the remaining positions. This elimination format is named as the quintessential NASCAR, which brought out the worst in Kenseth. Sunday was a day full of mixed types of feelings among the fans. Gordon was seen giving high fives to many fans as they lined up in the victory celebration.

Surprising Win Of Gordon In Martinsville

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