harveyAn amazing match when the New York Mets were just three outs remaining from making the world series to Kansas City’s name, and something surprising happened. The weathered baseball lifer, Terry Collins did something against the code of conduct of any baseball lifer. By surrendering to his human instincts, he made an eye contact with his pitcher, Matt Harvey. With as the best proof, Harvey stated that he is not coming out. On the other side, Collins understood him as saying that he wants this game. In fact, it is said that he wants it bad. You should leave me in, and I want the game in the worst way.”
Harvey has always been a good player. Even in this series, he showed his marvelous performance by delivering six consecutive outs on whiffs. There were around 45000 people on the stands chanting “we want Harvey”. Their chants unheard by manager Collins who would say, “Harvey has been through a tough summer”. Harvey himself confronted his manager to send him out for the innings. That time, Collins said that his place will be taken by Familia. Later, all of a sudden, Collins called out Harvey, “you got it”. It proved to be the right call at the right time.
It was dramatic to see Harvey racing to the mound, and everyone out there in the stands got that exciting feeling instilled in their hearts. This incident proved that sometimes even the most expert person needs to listen to others. Likewise, Collins listened to Harvey who is one of his best players. By that time, Familia has blown two saves against Kansas City. Later, Collins was seen blaming himself for the defeat in the interview room. However, it was sad to see a team losing who was expected to win for sure. After such a wonderful performance by Mets with Cubs and Dodgers, they fumbled in the World Series.

The Very Right Decision On Harvey

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