candidatesName of the Republican Presidential Candidate: Randal Howard Rand Paul.

Background: Randal Howard Rand Paul was born on January 07, 1963. He is a popular American physician and politician. Ron Paul, who is the former United States representative, is the father of Randal Howard Rand Paul. He was born in Pennsylvania (Pittsburg). He attended the Baylor University. He graduated from the Duke University School of Medicine. On December 2007, he established his clinic. Until then, he was practicing ophthalmology in Bowling Green. He used to volunteer his father’s campaign apart from his profession.

What is Randal Howard Rand Paul doing now?

Randal Howard Rand Paul is the Senator of The United States. He is representing Kentucky. He was first elected in the year 2010. Randal Howard Rand Paul occupies the Senator foreign relations, homeland security, education, government affairs committees, health along with others.

Official PortraitWhat he was doing: He practiced ophthalmology for about twenty years. He was continuing until he filed for Senate. Recently, he also performed pro bono eye surgeries. He performed the surgeries in Guatemala and Kentucky.

When was he affirmed as a candidate? He was declared as a candidate on April 17, 2015. He was declared in Louisville, Kentucky.

Fears: He is feared about haircuts (professional) and heights. In the year 2013, Randal Howard Rand Paul went up to the mountain fortress Masada. It actually overlooks the Dead Sea. But Paul did not want to see the edge. In the year 2011, Paul once commented that he will cut his hair occasionally only if he visits a professional barber.

Early political experience: Randal Howard Rand Paul turning step in his life was taking over his family’s business. He started to work on his father’s Senate Campaign and house around 1970’s. He tasted the joy of presidential politics in the year 1976. It happened when his father became the lead of Texas delegation of Ronald Reagan.

Favorite band: Rush was the favorite band for Randal Howard Rand Paul. Though the members were not the biggest fans of Paul, he continued to admire the band. He used their music in the Senate Campaigns of 2010 for events and ads.

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