It usually becomes cumbersome to decide the outcome of a game based on any mistake. It is such a confusing task to watch the replay for nine minutes at least. This Sunday the communicator and replay officials were suspended for carrying out their work carelessly. It was on their judgment passed for Miami’s wild kickoff return in a 30-27 victory over Duke on Saturday. ACC backed their suspension orders by saying the officials missed an illegal block in the back. However, they failed to reverse the statement that Miami’s player did not put his knee down when he lateraled.
Actually, he did put his knee down. ACC also failed to penalize the player from Hurricane, who improbably jumped into the field from the sideline. Besides these two things, the officials got the entire play exactly right. Unfortunately, this turned out to be the second loss of the season for Duke. If the outcome was to be overturned, it would be because of the shocking errors. These errors might have prevented the Blue Devils from winning the ACC’s Coastal Division.
Finally, we cannot change the result and thus the Blue Devils will join Temple and Pittsburgh as FBS teams as the teams eliminated from the College Football Payoff. Today, after nine weeks, out of total 128 teams 107 teams have been eliminated. Now, there are only 21 teams left for the four sports hunt. Among all this hassle, a thrilling and tougher game is expected in the coming rounds.

As The Players Hit The Dusty Trail In Eliminator Week 9

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