Museums & Fine Art: T-Shirt Programs

Our shop earned a reputation as Museum Quality Screen Printers with our unique ability to reproduce fine art on t-shirts. Be it the work of a master such as Picasso, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Van Gogh, or logos, exacting attention to detail and to the original artwork requires printing that is exceptional. More on this website

Museum t-shirts can range from reproductions of fine art to support an event or exhibit, to those that showcase the museum’s architecture (sometimes referred to as “archi-tees”), as well as logo-driven tees that support the branding and promotion of the museum itself. These various design possibilities will clearly appeal to different buyers, yet one thing remains constant…the quality of the t-shirt itself, as well as the quality of the print, must be very high in order to represent these world-renowned institutions.

I have consistently earned the trust of many museum buyers by providing them with highly personalized services, in addition to my understanding of the art world and my ability to communicate well with artists, art directors, and graphic designers.

Often times museums choose to work with brokers that provide their gift store with a wide array of products from coffee mugs to books (lots of books!), posters, and postcards in addition to printed tees. Most often those brokers will have a variety of vendors at their disposal which could potentially create quality issues. That being said it is important to consider that the one product out of this varied mix that will receive the most long-term exposure and attention will inevitably be a t-shirt. Therefore, as a museum store buyer, it is important to align yourself with a qualified direct source printer and an in-house professional account manager, who can walk you through the various printing options that will best satisfy any given project.

Throughout my 25-year involvement working with museums around the world, I have arrived at a more complete understanding as to how best to service your unique needs. Today I bring this knowledge and experience to bear when working on museum t-shirt projects. As your project manager, I am involved in the entire process of printing your tees, from the initial conversation to working with my staff on press checks as well as final print production to making certain that your project(s) are expertly printed, properly packaged, correctly labeled and shipped on time.

The relationship that you develop with me as your Screen Printing Specialist will guarantee that the quality of the work you demand will surpass your expectations of quality and service at no additional cost. Exhibit after exhibit. Event after event.

Museums & Fine Art: T-Shirt Programs

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