With all the access to information at our fingertips, it should making buying a water softener pretty simple. Yet, sometimes the more information we have and the more options we have, the more difficult it is. So, we condensed all the information that you will need to purchase the right water softener here in this buyer’s guide.Salt Free Vs. Salt SystemsWater Softener Systems more here: http://champion-plumbing.com/water-softeners/

This is the biggest question that most people have when thinking of purchasing a new water softener system. Saltwater softeners have been around a very long time and many homeowners have had great success with these types of systems. There is no doubt they work but at what cost? Saltwater softeners are costly. They require lots of maintenance and they waste water and hurt our environment. Not to mention that many counties across the US are banning the US of saltwater softeners and those who own a saltwater softener in a banned area are sure to be fined hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Contact us here @ http://just-water-softeners.com

On the other hand, salt-free water softeners or often called water conditioners, are becoming the go-to salt water softener alternative. Salt-free water softeners are maintenance free, are more inexpensive than salt systems, do not hurt the environment and there are no monthly costs. One huge reason that people choose salt free softeners over the traditional salt systems is that salt systems remove calcium and magnesium which are healthy minerals and vital to keeping us healthy, while salt-free systems keep those minerals in. Majority of calcium and magnesium that we get comes from water and when you eliminate that, you need to find another way to get those minerals in your body.

Salt-free systems are surely becoming the new “water softener” and saltwater softeners are becoming less and less desirable. As water becomes more and more important, we need to preserve our water, not waste it. With a salt-free water softener, you can get rid of your hard water problems while knowing you are not hurting our environment or wasting our beloved water.Magnetic Water Softeners

Magnetic water softeners are another saltwater softener alternative but there is no real proof that these types of systems actually work. I would be very careful if you start looking into magnetics as there are no studies done to show their real effectiveness. Yes, they are much cheaper but probably not worth the cost.Maintenance

Homeowners are constantly looking for a system that does not require time, money and energy in order to keep it running effectively. Salt free water softeners do not require any maintenance besides changing the pre-filter (sediment filter which preserves the system) every year. This can be done within a few minutes and is very inexpensive.

There is no cleaning. There is no adding salt bags each month. Just relaxation and no more hard water problems.What To Look For When Purchasing A Salt Free Water Softener/Conditioner

When looking for a system to purchase, always look to see if there are any bad reviews about a company. Go to Google and type in company name + reviews or company name + scam. Next, always ensure that the company in question offers a lifetime warranty on the tank and the valves and a 90-day money-back guarantee in case something does not work with the system. Give the company a call and try to get a feel if they are all sales or they actually care about their product. Many companies are quick to sell and then leave you high and dry when you need customer support. Installing A Water SoftenerOnce you find the right system, you then need to figure out how to install it. Installing a water softener can cause some worry for homeowners because of its complexity of it. However, if you do have some handy skills you can definitely do it yourself with proper instructions. However, if you do not have any handy skills, it is highly recommended that you hire a plumber for installation. The installation will only cost a few hundred dollars so make sure that they quote you on a good price. Recommended Salt-Free System

One of the best-selling salt-free water softeners is the Evoclear Salt-Free System. Not only do they offer 90 day money back guarantees, they also offer a lifetime warranty on the tank and the valves. If you would like to learn more, click here to check out their system.

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Buyer’s Guide – Water Softener Systems Compared

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